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1. Magic Dream Site

by: carl913

This green and refreshing look of web design can be used for furniture website, e-commerce or a website for an interior designing company.

magic dream

2. Kensai Web Design

by: VictoryDesign

I never thought that red, black and gray, when combined, would look good until I saw this web design. Great work!

This design is made for video conference experts.

kensai web design

4. deDecor

by: versesdesign

I like the navigation and also the black and white effect is good together with the yellow color. This really fits an interior decorator website, or a furniture shop.


5. WEB: Minha Casa

by: =tupa169

The color scheme is great, it really fits the kind of company or website it represents. If I were to suggest something on this design, I will make the navigation in a lighter Brown color to make it stand out from the rest. The logo is also good, very simple and clean.

web: minha casa

6. Shine – psd template

by: Shegystudio

I like the glowing effect of the background. Good design for the background, very simple and easy to understand. The color is somewhat dull and if the panel was put on the right side, it would look better, I guess.


7. kellogg’s layout

by: cyrixDesign

When I saw this design, it reminded me of how Kellogg’s taste so good. The way the creator placed the content is good and I find it user-friendly. Nice work indeed.

8. PLAYZONE Gaming

by: hNsM

A web design created for a gaming zone site. The logo and the header are well-designed and the color reflects the purpose of the website. I also like the use of white background for the content part.

playzone gaming

9. AVG – eEvents

by: AntoniaVG

Putting the navigations on the top makes it easier for the viewers to use it. The choice of font is good, it gives a professional look on the design. By the way, the fish you see on the design is part of the company’s brand.

10. Antojitos

by: sogaso

This made me crave for sweets! Good color combination, it really suits the whole design. I like how the food products are placed on a curved position, very simple yet stylish.

11. Radio SoundPOP

by: felipekrust

Nice header, very cool. It has great color combination and white space, too. I never thought orange and violet will look good for a template.

radio sound pop

12. Capilano Film School

by: LOUDAMedia

Great concept and good layout. Even there are a lot of contents on this page, it still looks organized and the blue and orange combination work well together. The problem that I just see here is that visitors might not like scrolling down to see the bottom part of the site.

capilano fim school

13. Starostwo powiatowe Grudziadz

by: pcholewa

When I was searching for good web designs, this one struck me a lot because of the green and blue color it has. Also, the contents are well-placed and very organized. The footer is also well-designed, as well as the buttons on the top-right part of the interface.

starostwo powiatowe grudziadz

14. Online shop “Coffee for you”

by: lakinkley

The color is good, a color that represents coffee. Buttons on the top are beautiful as well as the logo. If the header is smaller, the whole design will look better.

coffee for you

15. Celestia Fiesta

by: AzizNatour

This one is very nice. It has a catchy header and very creative to put leaves as the outline border of the navigations. Also, the white space is good and the boxes makes the elements of this design look organized.

celestia fiesta

16. nike

by: gdnz

Attractive background and beautiful icons. The color combination suits on where the design can be used for.


17. Zoo

by: Sagim

Nice idea to put an image as the background and the white space fits well in its place. Also, it has cute icons and choice of colors too. I just have one concern here, that is if the background image will fit all sizes of viewers’ monitor.


18. Portfolio II

by: clackographix

The fonts are nice and the choice of colors too. I like the panel that is hovering over an empty space and header of this design. One thing I can suggest is to transfer the buttons into different place on the design or make them more noticeable.


19. Anima School

by: digitalgraphics

This designs fits a website dedicated for children. The color makes it nice to look at and the baby on the header is very cute, so attractive.


20. D’ Surrealist Perfecto Mercado

by: bojok-mlsjr

This design is dedicated for a Filipino artist. The choice of color fits the purpose of the website well and the header is very nice. I can say that this is also a good work of art.


21. Texas Tree

by: shenkouhei

A website template that is made using Fireworks. Thumbs up for the hard work and for the design too. Very clean and fresh.



by: Nikol-Kokesova

The logo is very stylish and the color is appropriately used on the design. All elements are well-placed to give viewers comfort in exploring the website.


23. Lion Global

by: Xiphoid-Dezignz

A web design created for an investor company. Very nice header and navigations. Also, good choice of fonts and the way to make the contents look organized.

25. Bio Life

by: LoCoFR

I find this web design so calm that it does not hurt my eyes even if I stare on to it longer. Overall, the design would look better if the header is smaller in height.

Bio life

29. Cheeky Monkey Media

by: sergitosuanez

The monkey is really cheeky! And the chalkboard is very nice too. All elements work well together making it absolutely nice.


30. Alexis Jordan 2nd Version

by: manya

A simple yet awesome design! The elements are well put in place and very nice header to put in a diagonal like position. I also noticed that there are two navigations, this makes viewers to easily explore wherever they are on the site.


31. Grafica Progresso

by: kaedesign

The white with a touch of orange makes it looks so clean and simple. The banner is creative and the gray buttons too, they gives life to the whole design. I also like how the contents were put into place, looks really organized.

Grafica progresso

32. zee7 v. 1

by: zee7

The one is well-designed from the color combination up to the choice of fonts and navigations. It looks so refreshing!


33. ichiban sushi

by: PapciuZiom

Nice choice of colors, it works well together. The contents are put in an organized way and nice design for the navigation. Great work!


34. Martin Bayer

by: Carl06

Very nice template and the falls is awesome! The whole design is simple but very attractive.

Martin bayer

35. Sandwich

by: preet618

Nicely done and the background makes me drool and crave for it. The texts are readable and good idea to put divisions with the use of square for the contents. Also, I like the concept where you can see their products when arrows are clicked.